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Our swimwear is designed to hold up to 2 tampons, making it perfect for long days at the beach or pool. Plus, we include a FREE WASH BAG with every purchase.


They certainly do! Our swimwear is designed in Australia and consists of three layers:

A moisture-wicking layer that efficiently draws moisture away, combats bacteria, and eliminates odours;

A middle layer that securely locks in and absorbs moisture;

And lastly, a waterproof outer layer.

We have also included a non slip grip around the legs so that swimwear doesn't ride up and stays perfectly in place.

Empower our teens & tweens 🌺

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Our fabrics are of the highest quality featuring a water-resistant exterior for enhanced protection and quick drying. Our range is fully lined for extra durability.

Simply rinse hang dry and repeat the good times all over again tomorrow

Nothing but the best 👌🏼

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Our revolutionary non-slip silicone leg grip is a game-changer. It's natural for girls to feel a little self-conscious during their period.

We're dedicated to ensuring our swimwear stays securely in place, boosting your tween's confidence and allowing her to simply focus on having a great time.

Peace of mind ✌🏼

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